I’m Holly! I’m a software engineer who’s written code used by millions of people. Originally from Seattle, I packed my bags to study my undergrad in the UK where my career in tech began!

I created HerHelloWorld in 2018 after finishing my degree to help other technologists find their home in the industry and career success. By sharing my journey, providing advice, and highlighting opportunities, I aim to help change people’s lives and make the tech industry more diverse!

"Change is the culmination of millions of individual lives being empowered"

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My Story

My journey into tech started as a young girl playing video games. Little did I know that it would lead me to move internationally, discover what truly motivates me, and enable me to make impact on millions around the world. Our journeys are full of surprises - take a read of mine.

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Helped Me Improve My CV and My Self-Confidence in My Abilities

You’ve really helped me gain an insight as what to skills may be needed for working at a tech company,

Conor H

Every Conversation I Have with Her is of Great Value

Holly has helped me out so much in the early stages of the career I am trying to pursue it’s

Amber J

Connected me with individuals and opportunities I wouldn’t have known about or felt confident applying for

Holly has not only been a wonderful mentor but one of the best champions of my achievements, she has a

Asini L

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