Holly standing next to Melinda Gates at a radio recording

I grew up loving technology and wanted to use it to make a positive difference in the world. My journey of entering and working in tech has showed me first-hand both the struggles and the opportunities of being in tech, particularly as a woman. It is at the intersection of technology and activism where I thrive. Just as those who came before me paved the way so that I can work in tech, I hope to contribute to bringing about greater diversity in technology – one of the most world’s most influential industries. 

Technology’s impacts are felt across every region and in every industry. With technical jobs increasing in demand at twice the speed of non-digital jobs and paying 36% more than the national average in the UK, actions need to be taken to ensure the entire population has access to fulfilling, well paid jobs where they can be decision makers in key global industries.

The importance of technology created with everyone in mind becomes ever more critical as its influence on people and the planet continues to grow.

When those designing and making the decisions have diverse perspectives, our solutions reflect the needs of a much greater set of people. The emphasis of diverse teams, inclusive design, and the democratization of computing resources is enabling more people to start making impact at scale. It is a domino effect – uplift one and more shall follow.

What I have found is that too many people have been dissuaded by society, teachers, and even parents from pursuing careers in STEM because of gender stereotypes and misinformed ideas about the industry. People fall into a trap of pursuing something they are encouraged towards, but aren’t passionate about. It is only later when they are bold enough or an opportunity comes along to try it that they find they love and excel in tech!

Seeing little representation of women in tech on social platforms, I started HerHelloWorld in 2018 to be a source of information and guidance for those in need of a role model, inside knowledge, and expert opinion on how to enter and thrive in tech whatever their career stage.

Holly in a turtle neck smiling
Holly with her mentee Asini

To achieve true equality, we need to be dismantling barriers and supporting the development of underrepresented communities along the entire education and career pipeline.

For this reason, I spread my efforts across key points in people’s lives where there are barriers for entry and success. Involvement in outreach programs for kids, early-in-career mentorship, and later career events and community building are some of the ways I promote entry and retention in tech.

The grassroots activism that is driving diversity and inclusion in tech is starting to make waves where it counts. We are seeing greater corporate and government prioritization which will help us super charge our way to a better industry for all. While large-scale industry change will happen over multiple decade, we can make large-scale individual impact everyday. Change is the culmination of millions of lives being empowered.

I strive to create multi-generational change for those in underrepresented communities by championing for their success in high impact, high paying careers in tech.