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100 Days of Code Journal

Take the 100 Days of Code challenge! For 100 days, for just an hour a day invest in yourself by taking the time to improve your tech skills and ultimately make progress toward your goals.

Use this book to:

🌟 Goal plan for the next 100 days
🧠 Brainstorm skills you want to grow and projects you want to build
✍ Track your daily progress and key milestones
🔍 Record resources you found helpful
🚀 Boost your motivation
🎉 Remind yourself to celebrate the wins
💻 Find online learning platforms for tech skills
✅ Keep yourself accountable to your goals

Thousands of people around the world have completed this challenge – now it’s your turn!

P.S. It makes a great gift for friends + family who are looking to build their tech skills!

Title page of the Career Guide.

Career Guide

Looking to take your career to the next level?

This Career Guide covers key career topics and shows you how to maximize success through knowledge sharing, curated exercises, and practical tips to bring these lessons to life.

What we will cover:
🧭 Finding Direction
📝 Career Planning
🗨 Interviews
🤝 Networking
🌱 Mentorship
👩‍💻 Tech Pathways
🏆 Award Applications