These are just a few of the journeys that I am proud to be a part of! Helping people accelerate their careers and grow as individuals is one of my greatest joys.

Grateful for the Application Support and Referral

Holly’s guidance on my CV, providing clarification about the application processes, and referring me for the job were instrumental in my successful application journey. I’m grateful for her invaluable support.

Alex Godwin
Technical Solutions Specialist

Inspirational and empowering!

Holly helped me land my first job as a junior software engineer! From resume to interview tips, she has gone above and beyond to help me achieve my goals. What truly sets her apart is the confidence she instilled in me, empowering me to persevere and never lose sight of my dreams.

Jessica Bull
Junior Software Engineer

Thank you for giving me the inspiration to get back into tech and dive into CS

The reason why I am writing this is because I remember reading about you on Surrey’s website with your experiences with both Surrey and Microsoft. And you were one of the reasons why I chose Computer science because I went to another university but dropped out because I was not a fan of the course (computing) and that made my mental health decrease. Then I was conflicted between CS and moving towards animation or doing an apprenticeship. But then I read your ‘blog’ on Surrey and that put me back onto the tech path because my goal has always been to work for Microsoft. So, I wanted to say thank you for giving me the inspiration to get back into tech and dive into CS.
So, the TLDR is Thank you!

Luke Dalton
Computer Science student

She supported building my confidence; reading drafts, CVs and applications; sending me links to resources, events, schemes and scholarships

I had never met a software developer before Holly, and I was immediately inspired by her expertise, experience at companies leading in technology, and readiness to share what she has learnt with me. She has supported me: building my confidence for interviews and networking; reading drafts, CVs and applications; sending me links to resources, events, schemes and scholarships. My visit to the Microsoft office in Paddington with her last year felt like a dream; to be able to see the work that devs really do, learning about the different job opportunities available to me as a STEM-enthusiast, and testing out old and new tech gave me something tangible to aspire to. When we attended my first ‘meetup’, I was pleasantly surprised to see her seamlessly join a panel at the last minute and step up to the plate when a panelist didn’t show. I hope to emulate her adaptability, care, and clear work ethic in my life.

Lydia smiling at the camera in a green hoodie in front of a white background
Lydia K
IB Sixth Form Student

Connected me with individuals and opportunities I wouldn’t have known about or felt confident applying for

Holly has not only been a wonderful mentor but one of the best champions of my achievements, she has a genuine care for the success of others and this really shines through in the excitement she shares and she support she gives following your achievements, no matter how big or small. Holly has opened new doors for me by connecting me with individuals and opportunities I would not otherwise have known about or felt confident applying for; she has advised me through decisions I was otherwise unsure how to make in my early career; and provided me great support in my job applications, thoroughly reviewing my CV and helping me through the process where she can. Holly’s mentorship is made even better because she is just a lovely human-being who makes you feel completely at ease so you can trust her when opening up. What’s more, she’s an excellent role model and I’m always inspired by hearing what she’s doing in her own life.

Asini in front of a white building and pink flowers
Asini L
Incoming Microsoft Customer Success Accountant

Every Conversation I Have with Her is of Great Value

Holly has helped me out so much in the early stages of the career I am trying to pursue it’s unbelievable. From giving detailed feedback on how to improve my CV to introducing me to the exact people in the field I am trying to grow within, every conversation I have with her is of great value. As well as being a very easy person to speak to, I love how she gives the direct solutions to all of my queries, doesn’t waste time!

Amber J
Microsoft Customer Success Manager Intern

Supported and Inspired Me to Overcome My Imposter Syndrome

Holly has really inspired me to pursue my technical career and has always provided me with great actionable advice when speaking about imposter syndrome or similar.

Christa S
Microsoft Technical Consultant

Enabled Me to Progress onto the Next Stage of My Career

Holly went above and beyond to connect and introduce me to key people who have opened doors for me and have enabled me to progress onto the next stage of my career.

Black and white photo of Akua outside
Akua A
Microsoft Engineer Degree Apprentice

Actionable Advice on How to Grow in My Career

Holly is a really positive influence in the tech community! I find her Q&As really valuable to get insights into the tech industry and get actionable advice on how to grow in my career.

Photo of Maria smiling at a restaurant
Maria M
Junior Developer

Helped Me Improve My CV and Connected Me to People in Her Network

Thanks for helping to improve my CV and connecting me to people in your network in the tech industry in my country. I learnt about the women who code community which I did not know was available in Lagos, Nigeria.

Photo of Victoria taking a selfie
Software Engineer

Gave Me Different Sources of Courses and Learning Paths

Holly helped me with tips and gave me different sources of courses and learning paths multiple times. Always so nice and inspiring!

UX Design Student

Gave Me Some Practical Steps to Take When Approaching a New Problem or Difficult Task

I’d been following Holly’s account for a while but decided to take the plunge and reach out to her for some advice. I sent a rather long and rambling message asking Holly for some advice after having a wobbly two weeks at work (I had a career change recently and was a few months into my first job as a software engineer). Her response was SO helpful and made me feel so much better about myself. Firstly, she made me realise that it’s okay and normal to get these feelings sometime. Secondly, Holly gave me some practical steps to take when approaching a new problem or difficult task and also some good ways to ask colleagues those ‘silly’ questions (but no question is silly!). I really appreciated the fact that Holly took the time to respond to me and send me a personal response rather than just a stock response and enabled me to kick my new week with positive vibes!!

Jess M
Software Engineer

Helped me Find My Direction in Tech

Holly definitely helped me with overcoming my imposter syndrome and find my direction in tech.

Photo of Kayla in her graduation gown outside with her dog
Kayla M
Incoming Tech University Student

Became More Involved in My Computing Society, Set Up a Website, and Begun Working on a Portfolio

Thanks so much for telling me about your experience with a year in industry and inspiring me to pursue one! Since speaking, I also became more involved in my computing society, set up a website, and begun working on a portfolio.

Photo of Sofia in front of some tea containers
Sofia T
Incoming Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect

Helped Me Improve My CV and My Self-Confidence in My Abilities

You’ve really helped me gain an insight as what to skills may be needed for working at a tech company, or any company in general. You’ve also helped me improve my CV! You answered my questions about going to university which was really helpful in regards to networking and gaining contacts. The best advice I’ve seen on your page has been showing that everyone goes through stages of not feeling good enough and it’s okay to take a break or acknowledge that others are going through the same thing. That helped my self-confidence in my abilities, especially in coding, so thank you! 🙂

Conor H picture standing in front of a wall
Conor H
University Student
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