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    How to Improve your Resume in Less than an Hour

    Your resume is the first impression that a recruiter or scanning software has of you. To make it stand out, you need to demonstrate why you would be a good candidate as quickly as possible. Here are some tips on how to improve your resume in less than an hour.  Impact Words A resume is essentially a sales pitch for…

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    3 Things you Should do Before Finding a Mentor

    Finding a mentor is often spoken about as being one of the best things you could do for your career. Mentors can help you find your direction, overcome new challenges, provide you with a fresh perspective, and so much more.   But before you run to go find yourself a mentor, pause to reflect on these three areas to ensure the…

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    Personal Branding 101

    You’ve probably heard the term Personal Brand being thrown around with increasing frequency in the last few years – but what is it and how do you build your own? What is it and why should you care? A personal brand boils down to what you are known for and how you are perceived. In our highly competitive world, a personal brand helps…

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    How YOU Can Help Make Tech More Diverse and Inclusive

    Technology is pervasive – it’s influenced commerce, social interaction, entertainment, medicine, city planning, transportation… the list goes on. Plus, it seemingly knows more about us than we do ourselves. Every industry on the planet has been impacted by technology in one way or another.     The importance of technology created with everyone in mind becomes increases as its influence on people…

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    So, You Want to Be an Engineer, but Don’t Know How

    Diving into the tech industry can feel a bit overwhelming at times. The vast expansion of the tech industry in recent years and the historical lack of diversity means not enough people are getting the information and mentorship they need to make strategic choices about getting into tech. Let’s change that by giving you a basic framework to focus your…

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    5 Things I’ve Learnt Developing Software

    Releasing my first product to the public was, to put it into Xbox terms, an “Achievement Unlocked” moment. During my first internship at Microsoft on Paint 3D, I worked on the project from prototype to release. It was a very unique year and an opportunity that interns don’t often get. Since then, I have released features for the Xbox app,…