• Woman sitting on the floor leaning against a couch working on her laptop

    How to Make the Most of Your Online Course

    The tech world requires almost constant learning – there are always new technologies, language updates, and sector-specific knowledge to acquire, regardless of whether you are new to the industry or have been in it for many years.   It is almost inevitable you will eventually turn to an online course as a tool to upskill in pursuit of breaking into the…

  • Two people looking at a laptop and monitor both showing code

    So, You Want to Be an Engineer, but Don’t Know How

    Diving into the tech industry can feel a bit overwhelming at times. The vast expansion of the tech industry in recent years and the historical lack of diversity means not enough people are getting the information and mentorship they need to make strategic choices about getting into tech. Let’s change that by giving you a basic framework to focus your…

  • Team sitting around a table looking at a shared screen in a meeting

    5 Things I’ve Learnt Developing Software

    Releasing my first product to the public was, to put it into Xbox terms, an “Achievement Unlocked” moment. During my first internship at Microsoft on Paint 3D, I worked on the project from prototype to release. It was a very unique year and an opportunity that interns don’t often get. Since then, I have released features for the Xbox app,…

  • HerHelloWorld Instagram Reels

    Is Instagram Being Facebooked?

    Instagram is showing strong signs of following Facebook's trajectory: as a user, the content is becoming a series of ads; as a creator, it is an endless endurance race + obstacle course to simply be seen; and as a software engineer, there are signs of rushed development pushed by executives to hit KPIs and keep up with competitors by any…